I have had facial hair since I was 18 yrs old. It started out as just a few hairs on my chin
and after years of plucking and various hair removal methods, I found myself in bondage.
I decided to call Dawn at Waco Electrolysis just to "check it out". I didn't think I could afford the treatment. She listened and explained that she was very discreet with her clients,
had flexible pricing options, and was flexible concerning scheduling. So after approximately
3 months of treatment I am down to one 30 minute session a week. I am truly grateful for
Dawn...my only regret is not calling sooner!

~Sexy Blonde Bombshell (-:

Best tan in Waco. Experienced and friendly service. The tan looks more natural and lasts
longer than any other tan.


I have always hated the long hairs and tough “whiskers” on my chin. Doesn’t everyone? I had been to other electrologists who were never able to give me the results I was seeking. Oh
happy day when I found Dawn. It is so pleasant to have a smooth chin and no moustache!
When I was teaching preschool, I hugged a student. Because of the whiskery broomsticks on my chin, his response was, “You forgot the shave this morning!” Oh, the truthful mouths of
babes! After my visits with Dawn, I will never have to hear that again. Now that I am in
maintenance, I miss her comforting and positive company. Dawn, thank you so much! You are a blessing in so many ways.


First, I’d like to start off by saying that I have hirsutism. Anyone with this disease knows how
frustrating and debilitating it can be on one’s life and confidence. I’m so grateful I found Dawn! Having had previous electrolysis treatments in Austin (which proved to be super
expensive and ineffective!), I was very reluctant to even come to my consultation. So glad that I did! Dawn is quick, knowledgeable, and very down to earth. She makes you feel as if you have a friend who knows your embarrassing secret, and she zaps it away! I’ve been having treatments for only a couple of months, and 70% of my hair is gone. One of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life!....and her daughter Rachael is just as talented.
Her application skills are beyond par, I especially love her costume makeup. Creative, bold,
and talented, these ladies are on top of the game and true artists.


Hi, my name is Gail Gouyton & I'm a client of Robbie Dement. I can't even begin to tell you
what it means to me too be able to have the electrolysis procedure Robbie supplies. I have
always had chin whiskers & I tweezed almost daily. Since I started seeing Robbie, I haven't plucked at all! It was not an overnite solution, but an ongoing process. Robbie explained how
electrolysis worked & exactly how the procedures would go. She is gentle & very caring & so very easy to talk to. The process itself is not painful at all & I encourage all to take advantage of Robbie at Waco Electrolysis. Dawn & her team are ready to help in any way they can.
I have been Robbie's client for about two years. She is wonderful, and an expert at what she
does. She always puts the comfort a) nd care of clients first. Thanks Robbie for making me
feel so special!!!

Robbie is very efficient, professional, and personable. I highly recommend her.